13 Signs You’re Just Friends: For Girls

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So you became very close with your guy friend and developed a crush on him. And now you are confuse whether he likes you or not or if he considers you just a friend so you don’t know whether you should confess your feelings to him or not. If you confess how you feel and he doesn’t reciprocate those feelings, then what you’ll do? Here we listed the most common 13 signs girls can look for to tell whether their relationship is just a friendship or more than that.

  • He invites you to a family wedding or function only after his original date turns him down, or when he couldn’t find his perfect date.
  • He laughs or thinks it’s funny when his parents and friends ask “when you guys are going to start dating?”
  • He asks for flirting tips or relationship advice from you.
  • The most romantic line he has said to you is “Anytime you need me, I’ll be your wingman.”
  • When you go out for a dinner or a movie, he maintains some space between you two.
  • He tells you to edit or change his online dating profile.
  • If a guy calls a girl with her last name, it usually means that they’re just friends.
  • He didn’t bother to take a glimpse at your cleavage even when you are wearing a deep cut V-neck shirt.
  • He introduces you to his friends as his ‘sister’ or ‘friends’.
  • He tries to set you up with another guy.
  • He asks you to find a pretty girl for him and talks about other girls.
  • He names his pet after you.
  • Checking out other girls in front of you all the time is another obvious sign that there is nothing more than friends between you two.

Keep these signs in mind the next time you become close with your crush.

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