What to Wear to a Class Reunion

Cropped pantsEveryone wants to look their best whenever they have to attend an event or special occasion, so catching up with high school friends is no different. Moreover, the teenage years are the time when young boys and girls are most conscious about their physical appearances, so dressing up or choosing the best clothes for the class reunion can be quite difficult and stressful for some. Read on to learn a few tips about what to wear to a class reunion.

Go for Low-Key:

  • Go for a flattering yet classic silhouette in solid color to draw attention to you and not only your dress.
  • A little black dress can never go wrong for any occasion. Just pair your little black dress with a pair of pretty stilettos and a bold bracelet to jazz up your look.
  • You can also carry a bright colored wrap to roll over your neck when it gets cold.

Evening Suit:

  • For people who prefer wearing suits rather than dresses, go for a silk or a crepe after-five style in ivory, champagne, or black.
  • It’s time to ditch the sequins and beads.

Bring out the Jewelry:

  • Girls who go crazy for jewelry, this is the right time to show off your best jewelry. However, you don’t have to put on all your jewelry at once.
  • Although black dresses look best with silver and gold, you can pick up your favorite pearls to create that classy look.
  • Complete the look with a nice evening shoulder bag, for you may be busy hugging your old lost friends and holding a clutch may disturb this ritual.

Save your Understated Tone for the Outdoors:

  • If the reunion is for an entire weekend and the plans include pool parties, picnics, or other outdoor events, better to stick to the low-key strategy.
  • You can just wear a pair of cropped pants or a pretty sun-dress topped with a chic t-shirt. Avoid fussy prints, uncomfortable styles, and complicated looks.

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Dos and Don’ts:

  • Never Skimp on Grooming:

Manicured nails and toes, clean, silky hair, clear and glowing skin are essential whenever you are going out. Make sure you clean yourself up or visit a salon and clean your face and get a manicure to project a good impression on to others.

  • Do Shop Early and be Prepared:

Once you’ve determined the date and have an idea about the event or party, go shopping early and look out for the right dress or outfit to avoid any unwanted worries at the last moment. Make sure that you purchase the dress or clothes first before buying accessories and shoes.

  • Do Update your Look:

Well, you want to look your best when meeting your old lost friends, so update your look. Your outfits alone cannot be that effective if you want to show up with a new look. So, try getting a new, flattering hairstyle or dying your hair. But make sure that you create a better new look and not a worse one than before.

  • Choose the Right Outfit:

Skinny jeans or jeggings may be the latest fashion, but if it doesn’t suityou or is not comfortable, choose another outfit. Ensure that you pick the type of outfit that looks good on you and is comfortable. If you are not comfortable, it won’t mater if you follow the latest trend, you’ll still look ridiculous.

  • Don’t Worry too Much:

Just relax and wear what looks best on you. Everyone else might be stressing as well. Just be comfortable in what you are wearing and go with the right attitude.

Remember, you are catching up with your old lost friends and classmates, not going to a fashion show. Just be cool and have fun. If you are preoccupied too much with your looks and outfit, you may simply end up disappointing yourself and miss the fun.

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