How to Tell Your Parents you are Pregnant as a Teen

In some cases, getting pregnant is considered the happiest moment in a women’s life. While in other cases, it may be one of the most embarrassing and unwanted days, especially for those teen girls who get pregnant by accident.

According to studies, around 1,000 teen girls become pregnant unplanned each year in the USA. The scariest and hardest part for them is revealing it to their parents. Whatever the case may be, it is always better to reveal it to them sooner than later. Here are a few tips on how to tell your parents that you are pregnant as a teenager.

Enlist Support:

  • If you are not comfortable or are scared of facing your parents alone, you may consider taking your best friend, sister or brother or your boyfriend to be on your side while you are telling your parents.
  • Whomever you are considering taking along, talk to him/her and make the person understand your situation and what your plan is before telling your parents.
  • You may also practice what you want to tell your parents in front of your close friend or mirror beforehand.

Pick the Right Time:

  • You need to be very careful with the timing. Make sure that you pick a time when your parents are not busy and tense.
  • It is never wise to reveal your pregnancy to your parents when they are going to work or right after they come home from work.
  • Find a time when your parents are relaxing, or when they have ample time to talk to you.

Be Receptive:

  • Be prepared to listen and accept what your parents are going to tell you. At the same time, you should also make them understand what you are planning and what you want from them.
  • When telling your parent that you are pregnant, let them know that you are really sorry about this and for giving them trouble. Let them understand your plan and decision as well.
  • If your parents are offering advice and suggestions, listen to them carefully and discuss what would be better for you.
  • If you and your boyfriend have any plans, ask their advice or ask them to help you work out that plan.

Be Patient:

  • After hearing your words, your parents might get surprised and may even get angry. However, make sure that you don’t simply jump to conclusions or start arguing.
  • At the same time, you don’t have to feel bad about this. You should try to view this from their perspective; remember that it can be very hurtful and disappointing for them.

Be Ready:

  • Once you tell them that you are pregnant, they may come up with many questions like who is the father, where did it happen, and much more.
  • Be ready to provide all the necessary information about it. Knowing all this information will help them to decide the next step for you.

After hearing your news, your parents may get hurt and angry, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. Even if they yell at you, don’t ever shout at or blame them. Give them some time to digest your words and talk to them properly after some time has passed.

You will certainly feel much better after you have informed your parents about your situation. So don’t think that your parents won’t love you anymore or will get angry with you. It’s always better to tell your parents as soon as you learn that you are pregnant.

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