How to Become Less Shy

Shy GirlBecoming less shy can be quite challenging since there is no immediate remedy. You can gradually learn to control shyness; however a complete cure requires time, effort, and patience. Being shy is a normal stage for everyone to go through, but extreme shyness can indicate a social phobia – a condition that may require therapy.

Why are you scared? Are you concerned that people might laugh at you? Or, is it because everyone is staring at you? You must first determine the root of your shyness and then convince yourself that you can overcome any fears. Continue reading to learn some tips for overcoming shyness.

Be Well-Groomed and Interact:

  • Being well groomed and dressing well are the first and the most important steps to becoming less shy. It is natural to be more attracted to well-dressed people.
  • If you go out shopping or are just hanging out, try to help people around you whenever necessary.
  • If you see a person struggling to carry his/her bag, or if someone has dropped his/her stuff by accident, offer to help. This will automatically make a good first impression
  • Try to make small talk while performing the aforementioned tips. This way you can slowly break the barrier of your shyness, especially as it related to interacting with others.

Practice Every Day:

  • “Practice makes perfect.”Yes, you need to practice and put forth great effort to achieve something in life. Becoming less shy is no different.
  • Stand in front of your mirror and practice talking to yourself. Figure out how to look smarter while talking.
  • If your posture is not good, change it. If you cannot keep eye contact with others while talking, practice it while looking in the mirror. You will become more confident about yourself and become less scared or shy to talk in front of others.
  • Before making a presentation or seminar, always practice in front of the mirror or a friend. This will help to take away any fear and make more confident.

Be Prepared:

  • If you have a date, it’s wise to gather some information about the person before meeting him/her. Then you’ll be more comfortable talking to them and it will be easier to select conversation topics.
  • Similarly, it’s good to be aware about the people or the kind of crowd you are expecting before attending a social gathering.
  • Try to update yourself about current events and any exciting news happening around the world. You are more likely to be nervous when you are not aware of anything that others are talking about.
  • It is also important to educate yourself about pop-culture. This includes TV shows, movies, and music. Today’s teens love talking about pop-culture; they’re even more interested in it than current events.

Take a Deep Breath:

  • Some people that suffer from nervousness and anxiety will often hyperventilate and lose their self-confidence. It is therefore a good idea to learn how to control your breathing.
  • The best way to perform this is to calm down before going out or standing before an audience; just take a deep breath and slowly release it.
  • Learning to breathe well doesn’t simply mean deep and slow, it means breathing from the diaphragm.

Watch your Body Language:

  • Even if you are not confident, act as if you are no matter what. This can be accomplished through body language.
  • Maintaining a good posture is a good start to overcoming your shyness. Always walk with your head straight, stand tall, and smile. This will make you look more confident and smart.

Now that you know the steps you must follow to overcome your shyness, start practicing and continue until you are confident. You can completely cure your shyness, but you must put forth effort and be patient. All the best!!!

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