How to Avoid Pregnancy

For some women, getting pregnant is one of the happiest moment in life, while for others, getting pregnant can be very frightening and most unwanted moment in life, especially when it is accidental or unplanned. Unplanned teenage pregnancy can be an alarming reality which can tear all the dreams and hopes to shreds.

So, if you are a teen girl and looking for the right way to avoid unwanted pregnancy, you should make the right decision to prevent it from happening. Read on and learn some important tips and effective methods to avoid getting pregnant.


Avoiding intercourse is the best method and most safest way to avoid getting pregnant all the time. Although, today there are many other methods available to prevent getting pregnant, they all involve risk and sometimes side effects as well. So, just stay away from sex to make 100% sure that you won’t get pregnant. No matter what protection and precautions you take, if you have sex, there’s always a small risk of getting pregnant. Even the little pre-ejaculation of semen or fluid coming in contact with your genital can even result in unwanted pregnancy. But, if you have to do sex, make sure that you choose the best and safest method to avoid pregnancy.

Using Condom is a Must:

Using condom is the best option next to abstinence to avoid getting pregnant. When used condom correctly, it will not only help you prevent pregnancy, but also prevent you from sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, syphilis,trichomoniasis and chlamydial. So, if you have to do sex and want to avoid pregnancy, don’t forget to use a condom. Well, it may be little uncomfortable during sex, but you should use it if you don’t want to get pregnant.

Moreover, condoms can be easily accessible, effective and quite cheap.A male condom is a thin rubber which can be worn over the penis in order to avoid the sperm cells entering into the woman’s egg cells. Today, you can even find a female condom, which works similarly to the male condom. It is the intrauterine device IUD, that controls the woman’s hormones and prevent from getting pregnant.

Use of Other Contraceptives:

When planning to use contraceptives to prevent you from getting pregnant, make sure that you check the various options available and consider the different flaws and benefits of each one. Apart from condoms, you can also use other birth controls methods such as spermicide, birth control pills, etc. Ensure that you gather enough information about all these before you start using anything.

Plan B contraceptive

, also known as “morning after pill” is one of the most common birth control methods used by many women who don’t want to get pregnant. It needs to be used within three days of intercourse if you are worried that you might get pregnant, or if there is a possibility of getting pregnant. This pill should only be used as an emergency aid and not as a birth-control method.

The Sponge:

This is another one of the most popular and number one hormone free birth control method used by millions of women today. The sponge is both convenient and effective and is safe alternative method to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The sponge is a round, soft barrier device which is about 2 inches in diameter. First, it should be moistened with water before inserting it into the vagina. The sponge is made up of solid-polyurethane foam which has a nylon loop at the bottom for removal and it contains spermicide also. This sponge will covers the cervix and avoid sperm from entering into the vagina. It has been found to be 90% effective in controlling pregnancy when used it correctly.

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