How to Use the Right Interview Body Language

Although, you’ve answered the tough questions or prepared well, there is still something which can keep you from getting through the interview, i.e your body language. When you are going for a job interview, your body language plays a very important role in determining your ability and confidence level. So, you should give special attention to your body language when you are going for a job interview. Read on and learn some tips to improve or use the right interview body language.

Don’t Slouch

: Make sure that you sit straight and upright, but in a relaxed, comfortable manner. However, try not to look too relaxed or casual as well. Sit upright with your back straight and leaning slightly forward towards the interviewer. This will make you appear more interested and attentive.

Watch your Hands Position:

It may sound silly, but yes you need to be careful of your hands position for it can indicates many wrong messages. The best way to keep your hands during an interview is to rest them on the table or on your lap loosely clasped. Fiddling with your neck, face or hair can make you look nervous, anxiety and confused. Body language experts say that touching your lips, ears or nose can also signal or indicates that you are lying or the candidate is not truthful.

Don’t Cross Your Arms:

Body language experts also agree that folding arms across your chest also indicates a closed and defensive attitude. It suggests that you are feeling threatened and is blocking the interviewer out. Sitting with arms folded across the chest can also indicates that you don’t agree with what the person is saying.

Rest Your Both Feet Flat on the Floor:

Pacing your both feet flat on the ground will make you look more professional and confident. Moving or jiggling the legs sends a message of restlessness, nervousness and irritation. Sitting with your leg crossed or resting one ankle over the opposite knee may look too casual and makes you look arrogant as well. Crossing your legs high up also suggests defensive attitude.

Maintain Eye Contact:

Make sure that you maintain an eye contact with the person you are talking. Keeping a direct eye contact during an interview indicates confidence, interest and active listening. Eyes that move around during an interview suggest restlessness and dishonesty. Moreover, keeping your head down or looking down indicates shyness and low self-esteem.

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