Job Interview Tips for Teenagers

Sandra BullockSeems like job interviewing never get easier and simpler even if you have gone many interviews. You are meeting different people, new person, selling your skills and yourself, and often find it more difficult and complicated. Interview is not all about making an impressive resume and being well dressed, it’s a combination of all your physical appearance, attitude and knowledge. Here are a few job interview tips for teenagers to help them prepare to interview effectively.


As the old adage says, practice makes a man perfect, there is no better way than practice to achieve something in your life. Practice your response and answering interview questions standing in front of your mirror. Prepare yourself, how you can actually response or describe your skills and strengths. Providing evidences of your strengths and achievements is a great way to impress the interviewer.

Be Prepared:

Find out the possible questions and be prepared. Don’t forget to check out about the company and gather enough information. This will give the impression that you are serious about the interview and show your interest towards the company. Try to relate your strengths and abilities towards the betterment and benefits of the company. It’s good to get to know the interviewer’s name before you go for any interview also.

Get Ready:

Pay attention to your physical appearance. Know what to wear and not what to wear for an interview properly before you go for any interview. Make sure you wear the right interview attire and is neat and tidy from top to bottom. Don’t forget to carry a paper and pen along with you when you go for any interview. Bring few copies of your resume along with a nice portfolio if required.

Know Your Schedule:

Before you go for any interview, figure out how many hours and what days you are available or ready to work. Flexibility is absolutely an asset, for the more hours and days you are available, the more chance you have to get through the interview.

Be On Time:

This is one of the most important steps towards success in life. So, make sure that you find out the interview timing and try to be there at least five minutes earlier before the actual time. Go and spend few minutes to the wash-room and adjust your clothes, your hair or your looks to avoid any unwanted embarrassment in front of others.

Be Polite:

Be cheerful and be polite. It is very important to have a good attitude and manner during your interview. Offer your hand to shake hands with the interviewer and when you do it, shake hands with confidence. Never just go and sit until and unless you are invited to sit. Avoid slouching in your chair, sit upright, leaning slightly forward towards the interviewer. Avoid using swear or slang as much as possible during an interview. Just be confident with what you say, be professional, positive and polite throughout the interview.

Be Calm and Relaxed:

No matter how nervous or scared you are, try to stay calm and relax as much as possible during the job interview. Take a deep breath before you go inside the interview room. Make sure you maintain a direct eye contact with the interviewer. This will make you look more confident and interested. Pay attention to what the interviewer is saying and answer confidently. If you really don’t know the answer, it’s better to say honestly and tell you are ready to learn new things, instead of saying something unrelated to the question.

Go on Your Own:

Avoid bringing your mother, father or your siblings along with you into the interview room. Yes, nothing wrong in coming along with them, but not into the interview room. Go by yourself, you don’t have to depend on your parents always. It is important to speak for yourself without anyone’s else assistance, this will boost your confident level.

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