Top 6 Amazing Websites for Teenagers

Today, many teens spend half of their time online. They are smart, capable and curious to explore new things. The Internet offers a range of places to gather information. Here are top 6 amazing websites which are safe and specially designed to attract the young adults demographic.

1.      ChannelOneNews (http://www.channelone.com/):

This website is one of the most informative and comprehensive site for teenagers. This site not only helps them to update the latest global news, it also provides homework help, music videos, sports, fun quizzes and movie reviews. Adolescents can learn about the first Amendments rights for teens. ChannelOne provides a separate section where one can write their own blog.

2.      Cyberteens (http://www.cyberteens.com/):

This is another great site for teens. Teens can find games, shopping, news, and community. Moreover, you can find a link called “creativity” in this site where teenagers can share their stories, artwork and stories. The site provides a “cool links” section where you can find various options about teens. Teens can find information about exploring different job options, too.

3.      Fun Sites Shopping Mall (http://www.funsites.com/sh-shopping-center.html):

As we know that teens love to shop. They look for the best shopping place. This site gives them a chance to explore. Although not mortar and brick, this website provides great stores that are found in your favorite mall. Some stores include Barnes and Noble, Footlocker and Amazon. It also provides a directory and site map to help you find the shopping destination more easily. FunSite.com has been awarded the 2003-2004 “Golden Web Awards” as well.

4.      Teen Stars Online (http://www.teenstarsonline.com/):

If you love to read Hollywood gossips and teen stars’ news, this site is for you. This site is family-friendly. Teens can stay up-to-date about the Hollywood, teen stars gossips, news and events. This site offers a clickable menu of videos, great photos of stars and teen celebrities. Moreover, teens can interact with other teens. They can set up your own page, wrote blogs and play games.

5.      TeensHealth (http://kidshealth.org/teen/):

TeensHealth is a great website. It focuses on teen health. This site approaches the health of teenagers in a non-medical way incorporating mental, emotional and physical well-being. The ‘mind’ section discusses about family related issues and depression, while the ‘body’ section deals with the body and skin art. It also offers discussion about drugs and alcohols abuse, jobs, school and staying safe. TeensHealth.com features question and answer sections.

6.      Driving Rules Network (http://www.drivingrules.net/):

DrivingRulesNetwork is a great site to start before driving. It offers an online study guide about driving for student drivers, which features an interactive section with practice quizzes and questions. This site covers study guides about driving and driving laws by state laws. This site will help teens to prepare better for the driving test or for applying learner’s permit.

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