How to Win Friends

Friends Do you want to win friends and influence people? You must find ways to make yourself more appealing to others. People like friends who are pleasant and make them smile. It does not happen overnight. It takes time to win friends. Here are some ways to have people want to become your friend:

Be an Effective Speaker:

Learning how to win people or friends is all about learning how to communicate others effectively. An effective communicator has the ability to win people with words. He or she may be well-educated. The education can come from school or self-learning. These individuals know how to speak and when to talk. Practice communicating in the mirror. You should have more friends soon.

Be a Good Listener:

How can you make others listen or agree with you? First, you need to learn how to listen to others. You need to know and understand what is there in their minds. Take the time to speak openly and listen carefully to their answers.

Maintain Eye Contact:

Your eyes can speak many things that words cannot express. So, when someone is talking to you, make sure that you maintain eye contact and show interest. This will make them feel that you are taking them important. Looking here and there when someone is talking to you indicates that you are not interested and make them feel unimportant.

Good Sense of Humor is Important:

The best way to win friends involves having a sense of humor. Most people want to laugh. They seek out people who make them laugh. You do not have to tell raunchy jokes to make someone laugh. However, you must know what to make a joke and when to remain quiet. For example, the workplace may not be the place to tell constant jokes. You are there to perform a job..

General Tips to Win Friends:

  • Put on smile on your face always no matter what. Be cheerful and look happy always. This is a very simple yet effective way to win friends.
  • Try to be helpful whenever you can. Friendship begins when someone extends a helping hand or offers an encouraging word to someone or helping each other when in need.
  • People will look up and love to be with the person with whom they can learn various things which they cannot learn from school and home. So, try to be an interesting person.
  • Be considerate about others feelings and thoughts. Friendship is all about adjusting different opinions and thoughts. Avoid being demanding and egoistic that everyone should listen to you.
  • When you meet new people, greet them with smile and talk to them. Try to find some common interests.
  • When you are talking to others, allow them time to speak.

Again, friendship is all about sacrificing your precious time to your friends and making each other happy. So, if your friend needs help from you or needs you, do whatever you can if reasonable or possible.

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