Top Seven Fun Jobs for Teenagers

Today’s teens are finding that they need money. Many teens do not have a sufficient allowance. A form of part-time employment can bridge the gap for these teenagers. Here are the top seven fun jobs for teenagers, which are not only fun work, but also offer a decent pay.

Market Survey

    1. Marketing Surveys:

      Today, smart companies do research on customers. These companies must know what customers want and know how to reach them. A teenager can help these companies. They can perform market research and studies. For instance, a company may need teenagers to try products, such as music. The marketing survey job works out well for most teenagers. It does not require too many hours. Few companies need more than 10 weekly hours.. So, this is one of the best part time jobs for teenagers.

    2. writing articles

      Writing Content:

      In today’s fast growing world, teenagers can easily get online jobs. Writing content represents a good job for the average teenager. The job does offer some flexibility, such as weekends. Moreover, teenagers can gain better language skills. The competition is stiff. Teenagers should have a well-written resume and present a positive image if the job requires an in-person interview.

paper boy

  • Deliver Newspapers:

    Newspaper deliveries still exist. Some people want to have their newspapers sent to them. Teenagers can find this job ideal. Most of the work takes place in the early morning. If a teenager awakens early, he or she can apply for the job. Moreover, the job does not require specific skills, such as computers. Teenagers should have a good mode of transportation.

  • Babysitting


    This is one of the most common part time jobs for teens, especially teen girls. However, it is common choice for a good reason. Babysitting is a good way to assist those parents who require someone to look after their children at the same time you make more money. You should love children. Otherwise, babysitting can become boring. Always make sure that your parents know for whom you are babysitting.


Garage sale

  • Have a Garage Sale:

    Well, this is another easy way to earn more money for teens. It is also a great way to help your parents take away all the unwanted items from your house. At the same time, you can also make a deal with your parents to get a commission if you manage to set up a garage sale. If you want to set up your garage sale successfully, ensure to put up signs ahead and list it in the local paper to make people know where and when your garage sale will take up.

  • Handmade Christmas Cards:

    Teenagers who are creative and good at arts or crafts can easily make money. Handmade Christmas cards represent a good present. Unfortunately, few people have time to create the cards. Teenagers can concentrate on this market. If the sales of the cards are higher than expected. explore other handmade gift ideas, such as accessories. Have your parents help you determine how much money it takes to create the gifts. You do not want to spend time on unprofitable products.



  • Waiter/Waitress in a Hotel:

    Working as a waiter or waitress in a hotel or restaurant is another popular part-time job for teenagers. If you have a pleasing personality, good communication skills and want to earn more money, this job is a great idea. It is fun and you’ll get to know many new people and get a chance to taste a variety of foods. Apart from your basic pay, you may also get some tips from the customers if you serve them properly.


Any of these 7 jobs can help teenagers earn enough money. It is important to find a job that makes you happy. Before you apply for any of the positions, have someone help you create a resume. It should make employers want to hire you.

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