Teenage Party Outfit Ideas

AVril LavingeSummer is approaching and young boys and girls just love to chill out with friends, go to a party and have fun with friends during the summer. So, if you’re a teenager thinking about what to wear to a party this summer, this article will give you a few party outfit ideas.

Today’s teenagers are much more advanced and become independent sooner than teens did in the old days. Hence, parties are becoming quite common for almost all high school students. Whether it’s a rock concert, club night, birthday parties, live music festivals, home parties or underground parties– every type of party has its own theme and style. So, if you’re wondering what’s the best style so you shine at every party without overdoing it, here are some simple party outfit ideas to make you look fabulous wherever you step out.

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Birthday Party:

This is probably the most common party for teenagers. Whether it’s a sweet sixteen birthday party or any other age, you always want to look fabulous. And the kind of outfit you choose plays a very important role. A birthday party doesn’t mean only the birthday girl should wear the best dress and look beautiful. So, for a birthday party, it’s always best to wear a beautiful, sexy short dress. However, make sure that your dress isn’t too short or too revealing. Being indecent and revealing are never good ways to impress others. Choose an eccentric color for your outfit, and try not to overshadow or wear the same as the birthday girl or boy.

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Rock Concert:

There’s no doubt that every teenage girl or boy dreams to attend a rock concert or see their favorite pop star like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber. However, sometimes a local rock band can be more fun. Your local bar can be lots of fun as well, especially when you’re with a group of friends. These local rock bands may not be as popular and known worldwide like Justine Bieber, but the dress rules for a rock concert are no different for any type of rock band.

Leave your slim-trim body dresses for other parties. For a rock concert, you just need to pull on your favorite leggings or skinny jeans with a loose t-shirt or a long shirt. Complete the look by adding a pair of cool converse or booties and a chic, fitted blazer or leather jacket. When it comes to hairstyle, just pull your hair back and make a little messy ponytail to get that carefree, stylish look. To highlight your simple look, you may want to put on a thick coat of black eyeliner and light red lip gloss. However, make sure that you don’t overdo your makeup.

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Clubbing Night or Home Alone Party:

This is one of the favorite and most common parties for teenagers. If your friend throws a party after his/her parents left for the weekend, you should look fun, sexy and immaculate. And this style rule goes the same for clubbing, where you can dance away the time with your crush or best friends and enjoy yourself like you never have in your life.

A sexy, pretty dress is always the best option for various types of parties, unless you’re going to a rock concert or hitting the club. However, if you’re not comfortable wearing a short dress, you can go for a pair of jeans or skinny jeans. Pair it up with a chic feminine top or blouse with an eccentric color or chaotic print. Or, wear a pair of sexy sandals that will jazz up your plain yet flawless outfit. As far as makeup for this type of party, go for smoky eye makeup and nude lip color or light pink lipstick to achieve that “so fabulous look.” If you want a more dramatic look, you can even play with different eye shadows.

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