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Job Interview Tips for Teenagers

Seems like job interviewing never get easier and simpler even if you have gone many interviews. You are meeting different people, new person, selling your […]

How to Use the Right Interview Body Language

Although, you’ve answered the tough questions or prepared well, there is still something which can keep you from getting through the interview, i.e your body […]

How to Avoid Pregnancy

For some women, getting pregnant is one of the happiest moment in life, while for others, getting pregnant can be very frightening and most unwanted […]

How to Cope With Loss and Grief

The loss of an expensive stuff or a loved one is bound to cause despair to a person. However, we need to understand that the […]

How to Become Less Shy

Becoming less shy can be quite challenging since there is no immediate remedy. You can gradually learn to control shyness; however a complete cure requires […]

How to Make Your Face Glow

So you’ve been invited for a prom or a friend’s birthday party and you want to look your best. You want your skin, especially your […]

How to Be the School Celebrity

Have you ever wanted to be the girl that everyone knows who’s famous, popular, and admired by everyone??? The teenage years are the time, when […]

How to Tell Your Parents you are Pregnant as a Teen

In some cases, getting pregnant is considered the happiest moment in a women’s life. While in other cases, it may be one of the most […]

What to Wear to a Class Reunion

Everyone wants to look their best whenever they have to attend an event or special occasion, so catching up with high school friends is no […]

Top 5 Most Famous Teen Trendsetters

After the designers had displayed their creativities in fashion week, it’s the time for celebrities and style icons to flaunt their own styles or fashion […]