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What to Wear on Valentine’s Day?

I’ve heard many couples and people say, “Oh! We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, every day is a special day for us. We celebrate our love […]

13 Signs You’re Just Friends: For Girls

So you became very close with your guy friend and developed a crush on him. And now you are confuse whether he likes you or […]

70 Ways to Feel Happier

S Stress is a huge problem for most everyone in today’s busy world but why?  Life is a battlefield and our life depends upon on […]

How to Stop Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails is a very bad habit which is difficult to quit. It can reflect your inability to deal stressful situations or extreme nervousness. […]

Tips to Get Along With Your Parents

Does it feel like your parents and you cannot see eye to eye? You feel as if you are constantly fighting with your parents about […]

How to Ask Your Parents for a Raise in Your Allowance

How do you ask your parents for an increase in your monthly allowance?  Life is expensive, from money to go to the movies or putting […]

Top 9 Study Tips for Students

Are you having trouble concentrating while studying? Or a big test coming up but you just can’t concentrate? Read the following tips to get ready […]

5 Easy Flirting Tips

No one is born knowing how to flirt. Flirting is like an art or language which you need to practice or learn to be good […]

How to Turn Down a Date

A From time to time, everyone comes across someone they would not like to go out on a date with, for whatever reason. Learning how […]

How to be Popular in School

While some aspects of high school life can be fun, for many high school can be quite difficult. For many students, life is focused around […]