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Top Four Ways to Reduce Teen Smoking

Teen smoking and using tobacco continues to be the growing cause of concern among various countries, including the U.S. Although the rate of teen smoking […]

Signs of Teen Alcohol Addiction

One of the most widely abused substances among teens is alcohol. Teenagers are often reported to abuse alcohol more than nicotine or marijuana; 80% of […]

Eight Things you need to Know about Alcohol

Teen alcohol and drug abuse is becoming the main cause of concern in today’s society. Drinking alcohol leads to many health problems and is one […]

What are the Main Causes of Teenage Drinking?

According to a PDFA-Partnership for Drug-Free America report, the use of alcohol among youngsters has declined significantly. Yet teenage alcohol abuse is a major concern […]

Teenage Drug Addiction: Treatment for Teen Drug Addiction

Dealing with teenage drug addiction may be different from other conventional drug addiction treatments. Teens still need to work with professional psychologists, counselors, family therapists, […]

Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Teens

Much to our relief, according to the latest research, alcohol and drug use among teenagers is declining. However, teenage alcohol abuse is still a main […]

Fun Activities for Teenagers

Teenagers’ days are usually packed with extracurricular activities, class and studying. They barely have enough time to chill out with friends and have fun, sleep […]

Teenage Smoking Facts

Most of the people who smoke are teenagers and about 80% of the smokers start smoking before they turn 18. Parents greatly influence their teenagers’ […]

Teenage Marijuana Abuse

Teenage Marijuana abuse has become common and a lot of teens are hooked up on it. Teens may get addicted to this drug due to […]

Drunk Driving Teenagers: Facts and Causes of Teenage Drinking

The teen years involve a mixture of emotions. These emotions can come from outside sources, such as peers. Some teenagers face peer pressure on a […]