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Teen Weight Loss Methods

Teen obesity and weight gain are rapidly increasing today, thus increasing the risk of many medical problems including sleep-apnea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and […]

Tips to Correct Teen Posture

Poor posture in teenage years can cause abnormal bone growth or muscle strain for young adolescents; it can also make teens look less confident. If […]

Teenagers with ADD and ADHD

For teens growing up with ADHD or ADD, daily routine or activities can be a struggle. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is primarily characterized as having […]

Diets that Work for Teenage Girls

Before we discuss healthy diets for teenage girls, first get to know some important information about dieting. It is crucial to maintain a balanced, healthy […]

Top Four Changes for a Healthy Life

If you are searching for ways to develop a new healthy life, here are some of the top four steps that can make a drastic […]

Top Five Fun Ways to Stay Healthy

When we think of staying healthy, it may sound like a broken record, “exercise regularly, eat right, get a good night sleep and take enough […]

How to Prevent Acne Naturally

The teenage years are the time when your skin undergoes many changes due to the hormonal shifts during puberty. Teens therefore tend to get more […]

How to Improve Memory Power

So you want to improve your memory power?  A wonderful way to organize big sets of information and memorize lists in your head is by […]

Health Tips for College Students

Our teen years are the most important and delicate age of our entire life span. It is the time when we form both bad and […]

Basic First Aid for Kids

Basic first aid should be taught to children both at school and in the home.This will prepare them to deal with emergency situations such as […]