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How to Avoid Pregnancy

For some women, getting pregnant is one of the happiest moment in life, while for others, getting pregnant can be very frightening and most unwanted […]

How to Tell Your Parents you are Pregnant as a Teen

In some cases, getting pregnant is considered the happiest moment in a women’s life. While in other cases, it may be one of the most […]

13 Signs You’re Just Friends: For Girls

So you became very close with your guy friend and developed a crush on him. And now you are confuse whether he likes you or […]

5 Easy Flirting Tips

No one is born knowing how to flirt. Flirting is like an art or language which you need to practice or learn to be good […]

How to Turn Down a Date

A From time to time, everyone comes across someone they would not like to go out on a date with, for whatever reason. Learning how […]

How to Say NO to Sex

Saying NO to sex can be quite hard for many teenagers especially to someone they are attracted to and are interested in. Read through and […]

How to Say No to Drinking

For a teenager, staying sober or saying NO to alcohol at a party may be quite difficult because of the immense amount of peer pressure […]

Sex Essentials for Teens

The mere thought of sex or physical intimacy can be overwhelming for teenagers. There are many things to worry about and many things that can […]

Date Ideas for Teenagers

Many young boys and girls may find it very difficult and awkward to interact with the opposite sex initially, especially when they like that particular […]

What to Wear on Your First Date?

First impressions matter, so don’t overwhelm your date on the first date. Avoid looking too vampish, too trendy or seeming too casual on your first […]