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How to Win Friends

Do you want to win friends and influence people? You must find ways to make yourself more appealing to others. People like friends who are […]

13 Signs You’re Just Friends: For Girls

So you became very close with your guy friend and developed a crush on him. And now you are confuse whether he likes you or […]

Tips to Get Along With Your Parents

Does it feel like your parents and you cannot see eye to eye? You feel as if you are constantly fighting with your parents about […]

Five Friendship Rules to Live By

A true friendship is like a miracle which dwells within the heart forever. However, being friends for life “through thick and thin” is certainly not […]

How to Feed a Friendship

Everyone needs friends in life. Having someone to share your life with, cry with, laugh with and who supports and understands you, is what makes […]

How to Handle Jealous Friends

Everyone needs friends in life, but you cannot expect all your friends to be loyal and trustworthy all the time.  No one is perfect, including […]

Tips for Overcoming Shyness

Well, there is no doubt that everyone feels shy in certain situations, but if your shyness keeps you from making new friends or is hurting […]

What Makes a Good Friend?

Have you ever wondered whether your friend is right for you or whether you are being a good friend to your friends?  There are certain […]

Signs of a Bad Friend

Friends are extremely important in our lives, so much so that without friends and family, no person can be complete.  Unfortunately, not all friends are […]

Typical Teen Behaviors

A typical teen usually goes through a great deal of emphasis of emotional, social and physical changes that are accompanied by uncertainty and confusion. Most […]