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Gender-Bullying-How-to-Put-a-Stop-to-It Gender Bullying: How to Put a Stop to It

Sex-based harassment, which can also be referred to as gender bullying, is mostly caused by sexual stereotyping. This kind of bullying involves name-calling, sexist comments, […]

negitive-thought How to Avoid Negative Thoughts

Many different problems and unpleasant situations arise daily in everyone’s life, but some can overcome their problems smoothly without making their life worse, while others […]

How to Avoid Pregnancy

For some women, getting pregnant is one of the happiest moment in life, while for others, getting pregnant can be very frightening and most unwanted […]

How to Cope With Loss and Grief

The loss of an expensive stuff or a loved one is bound to cause despair to a person. However, we need to understand that the […]

How to Tell Your Parents you are Pregnant as a Teen

In some cases, getting pregnant is considered the happiest moment in a women’s life. While in other cases, it may be one of the most […]

Top Four Ways to Reduce Teen Smoking

Teen smoking and using tobacco continues to be the growing cause of concern among various countries, including the U.S. Although the rate of teen smoking […]

Preventing Teenage Suicide

Suicide is one of the leading causes of teenage death, especially between the ages of 15-19. Although teenage suicides tend to be impulsive it is […]

Teen Weight Loss Methods

Teen obesity and weight gain are rapidly increasing today, thus increasing the risk of many medical problems including sleep-apnea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and […]

Tips to Correct Teen Posture

Poor posture in teenage years can cause abnormal bone growth or muscle strain for young adolescents; it can also make teens look less confident. If […]

Top Ten Safe Driving Tips for Teenagers

Teen driving safety is a main concern of every parent. Research reveals that car crashes or car accidents are the main cause of death among […]