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Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a very serious cause for concern in today’s society. The reason is that young girls are not prepared to have their own […]

How to Say NO to Sex

Saying NO to sex can be quite hard for many teenagers especially to someone they are attracted to and are interested in. Read through and […]

How to Say No to Drinking

For a teenager, staying sober or saying NO to alcohol at a party may be quite difficult because of the immense amount of peer pressure […]

Sex Essentials for Teens

The mere thought of sex or physical intimacy can be overwhelming for teenagers. There are many things to worry about and many things that can […]

Teenagers with ADD and ADHD

For teens growing up with ADHD or ADD, daily routine or activities can be a struggle. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is primarily characterized as having […]

Teenage Drug Addiction: Treatment for Teen Drug Addiction

Dealing with teenage drug addiction may be different from other conventional drug addiction treatments. Teens still need to work with professional psychologists, counselors, family therapists, […]

Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Teens

Much to our relief, according to the latest research, alcohol and drug use among teenagers is declining. However, teenage alcohol abuse is still a main […]

Safe Diet Ideas for Teenage Girls

The teenage years are the time when young boys and girls are most concerned about their physical appearance. They are not afraid to try out […]

Fun Activities for Teenagers

Teenagers’ days are usually packed with extracurricular activities, class and studying. They barely have enough time to chill out with friends and have fun, sleep […]

Signs of a Bad Friend

Friends are extremely important in our lives, so much so that without friends and family, no person can be complete.  Unfortunately, not all friends are […]