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Gender-Bullying-How-to-Put-a-Stop-to-It Gender Bullying: How to Put a Stop to It

Sex-based harassment, which can also be referred to as gender bullying, is mostly caused by sexual stereotyping. This kind of bullying involves name-calling, sexist comments, […]

negitive-thought How to Avoid Negative Thoughts

Many different problems and unpleasant situations arise daily in everyone’s life, but some can overcome their problems smoothly without making their life worse, while others […]

Top-8-Books-for-Teenage-Girls Top 8 Books for Teenage Girls

Have you finished taking your pre-holiday examinations? Are you seeking different reading options? We have a list of top 8 books for teenagers. Review the […]

Top Seven Fun Jobs for Teenagers

Today’s teens are finding that they need money. Many teens do not have a sufficient allowance. A form of part-time employment can bridge the gap […]

Top 6 Amazing Websites for Teenagers

Today, many teens spend half of their time online. They are smart, capable and curious to explore new things. The Internet offers a range of […]

How to Cope With Loss and Grief

The loss of an expensive stuff or a loved one is bound to cause despair to a person. However, we need to understand that the […]

How to Become Less Shy

Becoming less shy can be quite challenging since there is no immediate remedy. You can gradually learn to control shyness; however a complete cure requires […]

How to Be the School Celebrity

Have you ever wanted to be the girl that everyone knows who’s famous, popular, and admired by everyone??? The teenage years are the time, when […]

70 Ways to Feel Happier

S Stress is a huge problem for most everyone in today’s busy world but why?  Life is a battlefield and our life depends upon on […]

Tips to Get Along With Your Parents

Does it feel like your parents and you cannot see eye to eye? You feel as if you are constantly fighting with your parents about […]