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How to Ask Your Parents for a Raise in Your Allowance

How do you ask your parents for an increase in your monthly allowance?  Life is expensive, from money to go to the movies or putting […]

How to be Popular in School

While some aspects of high school life can be fun, for many high school can be quite difficult. For many students, life is focused around […]

Preventing Teenage Suicide

Suicide is one of the leading causes of teenage death, especially between the ages of 15-19. Although teenage suicides tend to be impulsive it is […]

Eight Things you need to Know about Alcohol

Teen alcohol and drug abuse is becoming the main cause of concern in today’s society. Drinking alcohol leads to many health problems and is one […]

Teenage Gift Ideas – Latest Gift Trends for Teens

Teen gift ideas may require a little extra effort these days. It is important to do a little research about the latest teen trends if […]

Top Five Fun Ways to Stay Healthy

When we think of staying healthy, it may sound like a broken record, “exercise regularly, eat right, get a good night sleep and take enough […]

Four Effective Steps to De-stress for Success

De-stressing for success will get rid of the stress of your work, refocus your time and facilitate balance in all your life Check out the […]

How to Improve Memory Power

So you want to improve your memory power?  A wonderful way to organize big sets of information and memorize lists in your head is by […]

How to Handle Jealous Friends

Everyone needs friends in life, but you cannot expect all your friends to be loyal and trustworthy all the time.  No one is perfect, including […]

How to Build Your Self-Esteem

You need to feel good about yourself and have lots of self-confidence if you want to become more successful and happier in your life. Having […]